Self-Realization – From Awakening to Full Consciousness LOC 440 – 1000

With the awakening of the Inner Wisdom of the Higher Self opens the path of Self-Realization. Inner Love and Oneness consciousness are the most common spiritually awakened states of humanity leading up to the more advanced level of Presence and cosmic Christed consciousness. Non-Duality is considered a Pre-Enlightened consciousness and then there are 4 steps of the actual Enlightenment, culminating in a Full Consciousness realization as the Absolute God Self.

LOC 440-499 is the stepping stone of the spiritual awakening where the Inner Light in 400s has penetrated the densest parts of the person’s energy field, thus allowing the spirit of the Higher Self to start stepping forward and revealing it’s wisdom. Life becomes filled with continuous synchronicities and takes on a deeper meaning with insights into the inner workings of the mind, thoughts and life as a whole. A common practice becomes to be the observer of life “from above” and thus gaining wisdom and higher intelligence.
Once a person matures to a certain degree of knowledge and wisdom, a natural calling for Love arises as a way to transcend the limitations of the mind.

LOC 500s is when the mind drops into the Heart and Inner Love opens it’s doors to the Heavenly realms. It is the most beautiful spiritual honeymoon period where there is no more fear and Love is the Answer. Love is the way and all there is is Love. That is commonly defined as a 5th dimension in the Ascension teachings. This Love further grows and matures to encompass not only Love to oneself, but also loving thy neighbor, thus opening and expanding to complete Oneness Consciousness, where a person feels undeniable at-oneness with All that Is. It is a constant feeling of connectedness and life becomes complete, joyous and a sense of serenity is felt in the mind because love and oneness give true fulfillment of life.

LOC 400s and 500s are the states of realization where 90% of all spiritual awakened humans reside, because the next step of LOC 600s is more advanced and usually quite challenging to open up. Master Mindo usually gives an example of the Beach and the Ocean: “In 500s a person is at the most beautiful tropical paradise beach enjoying the sunshine and from time to time dipping into the ocean for a swim. 600s is the ocean itself. There is no more individual person. There is no one in heaven or on the beach. It is a complete surrender of the spiritual ego self to the space/energy field of Presence itself.”

LOC 600s is considered as a spiritual adulthood. It is called the Cosmic consciousness due to the exponential expansion of consciousness from the individual Higher Self to the Cosmic Galactic Christed Self. It is the mighty “I AM Presence” and a direct connectedness and full merging of the Soul where the Soul fully Descends back into the Body. It is no more about Ascension as the Light and Love is already fully present, so now the spirit can Descend back to Earth, thus establishing Heaven on Earth. It is a true meaning of the HERE and NOW as a True PRESENT MOMENT of being fully Present with what IS and being able to fully sustain Light and Love and all passing spiritual energies.

LOC 670 is a next step opening into Non-Dual realization beyond Ying and Yang meaning that most of the dual energies have been polished, worked-through and transcended. Beyond Ying and Yang is Wholeness. It is seeing the whole thing with both sides, edges and interconnectedness as a complete and whole picture of reality. Also there is no more doership, as the true Beingness is now fully Present as a cosmic space consciousness.

LOC 700 is the Universal Self, meaning that the previous Galactic Self is now expanded to encompass the whole Universe at large and thus the physical human Brain is light up to large degree of En-lightenment and brain-nervous system coherency. The light of Perception and the light of Awareness now become the fundamental Reality beyond the cosmic Space. An enlightened person is now able to change their Perceptions ( Emotions –> Thoughts –> Cognitions –> Perceptions ) and see what IS to a larger degree of en-lightened Clarity.

LOC 800-849 is the the Great Universal Void. The Dark Matter or the un-manifested Womb of the Universe from where the Galaxies are born. It is surrender to THE great Void, not a cosmic space, nor a single black hole. It is a complete surrender to the great UNKNOWN. There are many great mystics and sages known in human history in this state of Enlightenment.

LOC 850-899 is the 2nd step of Enlightenment when the awareness penetrates through the great universal womb of causality and comes “out of the universe” to see the Pure Consciousness for the first time. It is though the Divine Grace that a person comes to the 2nd Enlightenment as no Person on their own can transcend the Universe itself. It is like popping out of the Universe to see the Source of all creation. Also it is referred as a Divine Love Union where the two universal aspects of God Father and God Mother are in Union and through this Union the Universe is created. It is the most Divine Love and completion of universal Male-Female aspects.

LOC 900s is a Supra Causal Truth Consciousness Awakening transcending the Causality and abiding as the Truth Self. The light of Full Consciousness is now shining clearly like a Diamond or a Crystal and the Absolute Self is visible, but also the seed of the Mind is visible too. It is the famous I-Thought that is visible, as named by the greatest sage of India Ramana Maharshi. The seed of the Mind and the creation of Universe is now seen and thus a continuous abiding in the Absolute Self is necessary for the final elimination of the Mind.

LOC 1000 is the Full Consciousness, the Absolute God Self, the Source of all Universes. There is no more Diamond or Crystal filtering this Pure Light of Consciousness. Full Consciousness feels very Natural and is named Sahaja, the Natural State. Is is the final state of Enlightenment and thus the Human Consciousness now becomes Divine. In fact there is no more separation between Human or Divine as all separations are dissolved. All is seen as Self. The Self is unborn, undying, undivided and unseparable. It is all there is manifested and unmanifested and as the Source of both. It is the I AM THAT.

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