Neutrality, Willingness and Optimism LOC 250 – 349

Major developments take place from LOC 250 to 349 in terms of how life is experienced. Below LOC 250 life is still rigidly perceived to happen “to you”, while above LCO 250 life is now increasingly perceived to happen “for you”. Things are less black and white, and life becomes more malleable in proportion with your own inner flexibility.

At this level the rigid dichotomy of the lower levels starts to loosen up significantly. Passing through the “portal” of neutrality and entering into willingness and optimism is a major step in the direction of true self-empowerment. The ability to learn from life and especially “negative” events”, instead of simply feeling victimized by them, is now coming into play for the first time. This inner flexibility to change one’s perspective and to see events from different angles opens up great powers inside.

There is much less fear as you innately understand that anything that happen can be seen and used as a lesson for growth and further inner development. This, in turn, makes you a willing participant in life, instead of just being dragged along kicking and screaming like in the lower levels. There is much less resistance towards life at these levels, and the less friction the less inner suffering and waste of energy.

Experience and worldview of LOC 250 – 349

The positive attitude adopted at the higher end of this level is affecting people around you, and success in life comes easy when you are willing to work with the flow, instead of against it. At first you learn to “roll with the punches”, and later you learn to flow with the stream of life and adapt to whatever situation arises in your field of experience. When life is no longer your enemy, friendliness towards others becomes as natural as breathing.

Occupants and examples of LOC 250 – 349

At these levels you will find friendly and helpful people who are successful in life and have a healthy optimistic attitude towards the future. People at these levels are typically well educated and are well-off middle class people. Many use their excess energy to work on “hobby projects” or do volunteer work in the community or similar things to fill the need to serve something larger than themselves and to make the world a better place. People at the higher end of this sub-level don’t mind starting a project from scratch, or working their way up from the bottom.

Real world examples:

Public people:




Obstacles and progression from LOC 250 – 349

This level has very few real obstacles as it is all about opening up to life and allow things to flow more freely. The best advice is to just keep on keeping on. Keep acting on what excites you and don’t expect it to necessarily become a lifelong career. If something new comes along that contains a higher level of excitement, be prepared to drop whatever you were doing like a hot potato and follow the new lead instead. It might seem like you are “jumping all over the map” to other people, but from the higher perspective you are actually “tying up loose ends” and learning what you need to learn to prepare you for an even greater future.

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