Map of Spirituality – Levels of Consciousness and Possible Life Experiences

Map of Spirituality is a complete overview of the evolution of Human Consciousness and possible life experiences.

Victim or Abuser consciousness is commonly known as the Ego or the Lower Self.

Self-Empowerment consciousness is about overcoming the Ego and the Lower Self and coming into an alignment with Life, where life starts to become more supporting.

Self-Realization consciousness starts with the first Inner Light awakening, known as the Spiritual or Higher Consciousness awakening and progresses towards the Bliss of Full Consciousness
and the Absolute Self.

For an introduction to the Levels of Consciousness please read this article.

Map Of Spirituality

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Levels of Consciousness

Map of Spirituality is split into 3 main categories:

20 – 199 Victim/Abuser Consciousness – The Realm of the Lower Self (Ego)

200 – 439 Self-Empowerment – Overcoming the Lower Self (Ego)

440 – 1000 Self-Realization – From Awakening to Full Consciousness

Movement up the scale can happen gradually and/or in “quantum leaps”, and will often, but not always, be experienced as a total reality shift for the individual. Most often the fastest way to raise the Level of Consciousness happens during the meetings with a Spiritual Master who assists and guides you directly to the higher level of opening. You can send a message here to request for your Private Session.

20 – 199 Victim/Abuser Consciousness – The Realm of the Lower Self (Ego)

20 – 29 Shame, Humiliation, Elimination (Life: Miserable, Despising)

30 – 49 Guilt, Blame, Destruction (Life: Evil, Vindictive)

50 – 74 Apathy, Despair, Abdication (Life: Hopeless, Condemning)

75 – 99 Grief, Regret, Despodency (Life: Tragic, Disdainful)

100 – 124 Fear, Anxiety, Withdrawal (Life: Frightening, Punitive)

125 – 149 Desire, Craving, Enslavement (Life: Disappointing, Denying)

150 – 174 Anger, Hate, Aggression (Life: Antagonistic, Vengeful)

175 – 199 Pride, Scorn, Inflation (Life: Demanding, Indifferent)

200 – 439 Self-Empowerment – Overcoming the Lower Self (Ego)

200 – 249 Courage, Affirmation, Empowerment (Life: Feasible, Permitting)

250 -309 Neutrality, Trust, Release (Life: Satisfactory, Enabling)

310 – 349 Willingness, Optimism, Intention (Life: Hopeful, Inspiring)

350 – 399 Acceptance, Forgiveness, Transcendence (Life: Harmonious, Merciful)

400 – Reason, Flowering of Intellect (Life: Intellectual)

400 – 1000 Self-Realization – From Awakening to Full Consciousness

400 – 439 Inner Light Opening (Life: Abstract)

440 – 499 Inner Wisdom – Awakening to the Higher Self (Life: Meaningful)

500 – 539 Inner Love Opening and Ascension (Life: Loving)

540 – 599 Joy, Serenity and Oneness – The Planetary Self (Life: Complete)

600 – 669 Surrendering to Presence: Peace, Bliss and Perfection. The Galactic / Cosmic / Christed Self. I AM Presence and Soul Merge (Life: Present Beingness)

670 – 699 Non-Duality Beyond Ying and Yang (Life: Non-Dual Beingness)

700 – 799 1st Stage of Enlightenment: The Universal “I AM”. Awareness Awakening (Life: Universal Self)

800 – 849 The Great Unknown Surrender, The Great Void, The Womb of the Universe (Life: Mysticism)

850 – 899 2nd Stage of Enlightenment: Divine Grace & Love Union (Life: Pure Love)

900 – 999 3rd Stage of Enlightenment: Supra Causal Truth Consciousness Awakening (Life: Truth Self)

1000 4th Stage of Enlightenment: Absolute Self, God Self, Full Consciousness (Life: Absolute Self)

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