Lifetime Consciousness Development Graph

A Lifetime Consciousness Development Graph (order yours here) is a calibration of LOC, LOM and LOI for each year in a person’s life represented with 3 distinct graphs in a chart to illustrate the lifetime development of Consciousness.

On this page we will take a look at some examples of Lifetime Graphs, and how it might benefit you to get your own journey mapped out in this way.

Mindo’s Lifetime Consciousness Development

To save time a lot of years have been skipped, but the most interesting years of development have been included in this chart.


At birth the LOC, LOM and LOI are the same level, in this case 380. As soon as the pure consciousness of the baby is exposed to the “polluted” mass consciousness the ego/mind is born, and there is a split into LOC, LOM and LOI which only ends when all these 3 aspects of consciousness development once again return to Source and become one at Level 1000 (which happened for Mindo in 2016).

After the lowest point is reached (usually, but not always, in the late teenage years or into the early 20’s), there is a major turning point in which everything starts to change. This is when the LOC, LOM and LOI can “bounce back” very quickly, and by transmuting all the negativity that was taken in on the lower levels you can accelerate back into your birth level and way beyond.

It’s interesting to note that as soon as the LOC and LOM goes into the higher 500’s the discrepancy starts to increase between the LOC and LOM/LOI. This is not unusual, and we see it in many cases. The LOC develops faster since it is on the non-physical plane. The LOM, which is the density of the mind, takes more time to unravel itself and catch up with the LOC. And last, but not least, the integration of the whole chakra energy system (LOI) and physical nervous system (NS) takes even more time to catch up.

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