Level of Consciousness 500 – Inner Love

Level of Consciousness 500 Inner LoveLevels of Consciousness 500 is when the mind drops into the Heart and Inner Love opens it’s doors to the Heavenly realms. It is the most beautiful spiritual honeymoon period where there is no more fear and Love is the Answer. Love is the way and all there is is Love. That is commonly defined as a 5th dimension in the Ascension teachings. This Love further grows and matures to encompass not only Love to oneself, but also loving thy neighbor, thus opening and expanding to complete Oneness Consciousness, where a person feels undeniable at-oneness with All that Is. It is a constant feeling of connectedness and life becomes complete, joyous and a sense of serenity is felt in the mind because love and oneness give true fulfillment of life.

LOC 400s and 500s are the states of realization where 90% of all spiritual awakened humans reside, because the next step of LOC 600s is more advanced and usually quite challenging to open up. Master Mindo usually gives an example of the Beach and the Ocean: “In 500s a person is at the most beautiful tropical paradise beach enjoying the sunshine and from time to time dipping into the ocean for a swim. 600s is the ocean itself. There is no more individual person. There is no one in heaven or on the beach. It is a complete surrender of the spiritual ego self to the space/energy field of Presence itself.”

• Love as a state of being
• Development of unconditional, unchanging and permanent love
• Capacity to love many people
• Emanates from the Heart
• Capacity to lift others
• Having pure motives
• Can discern essence
• Holistic problem solving
• More accurate Intuitive insights
• Inner Ascension to Heaven (5th Dimensional Consciousness)

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