Level of Consciousness 350 – Acceptance

Level of Consciousness 350 Acceptance•Acceptance – Forgivingness – Letting Go
•Accepting self-responsibility of one’s life
•Transforming heavy emotions into lighter feeling
•Beginning of the transcendence of the mind and
emotions altogether
•Discharging the heaviest accumulated emotions
•Realizing the source of happiness and cause of
problems are inside
•Emotional calmness, wider perception opens
•Denial is transcended
•Letting go of the Past, inner Healing begins
•Common starting point of meditation
•Brings Balance and Harmony in Life
•Ability to see the bigger picture
•Not interested in right or wrong, but seeking solutions
•Long term goal setting and self discipline
•Honouring the rights of others and equality
•Free of discrimination & intolerance
•More detached from ego and opinions
•Opening of Inner Space
•Beginning of Inner Understanding and Inner Peace

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