Level of Consciousness 200 – Courage

Level of Consciousness 200 courage•Beginning of Self Empowerment and Positivity
•Can start to change thoughts from Negative to Positive
•Life Supporting Power emerges
•Negative Influences and Anxiety start reducing
•Space of positive affirmations – people program
themselves mentally with positive thoughts
•People may hire a life-coach or start attending courses
of Self Improvement
•Courage for Exploration of new things
•Life can be seen as Exciting, Challenging, Stimulating
•Ability to overcome challenges and use opportunities
•Energy to learn new skills leads to growth
•Capacity to face fears and obstacles and overcome
•In 1989 the Collective Consciousness of humanity has
arrived at 204
•People on this level put back into the world as much
energy as they take.
•There is energy to learn a new job skills, growth and
education become attainable goals

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