Intellect, Meaning and Spiritual Knowledge LOC 400 – 499

The ego/personality in the LOC 400’s is a lot less fragmented and much more organized, whole and capable than in the lower levels. It is strong, confident and secure, and it’s dominated by intellect and reason more than by the emotionality of the LOC 300’s. Paradoxically, this strength and security is also the pitfall of this level.

While the LOC 300’s were all about emotional release and cleansing, the LOC 400’s is the reinforced structure that is left standing once the storm of emotionality has calmed. It is the domain of intellect and reason, and it’s the level where people typically reach excellence in whatever endeavors they pursue. Many famous philosophers, thinkers, scientists and writers have inhabited this level throughout history. The ability for focused and one-pointedness of mind at this level is very high, and obsessions with knowledge, discoveries and understanding is very common.

In the high for 400’s confidence is at an all time high, and you will literally feel on top of the world and that anything is possible to achieve if you work persistently towards it. Discipline, determination and stamina, even in the face of hardship and resistance, are hallmarks of the LOC 400’s. This is the level that brings new and groundbreaking knowledge and discoveries to the world, many times after facing years of ridicule, opposition and even persecution.

LOC 400’s is the level of science and logic on one side, while spiritual seekers at this level will typically be obsessed with gaining evermore spiritual knowledge from books and teachings. Logically, non-duality teachings will start to make sense and resonate inside, but the fallacy is the assumption that intellectual understanding equals the true understanding that can only come from being it and living it (which happens in the higher LOC 600’s). The pleasure one feels when reading something that “resonates” becomes almost like an addiction, and people chase for such “aha moments” by searching for evermore “fresh material” saying essentially the same thing instead of actually going deeper within themselves.

Experience and worldview of LOC 400 – 499

The world at this level is seen through the lense of reason and logic. Spiritual teachings and principles will make sense to many people at this level because they can see the deeper logic behind them, and recognize this logic in their own life and the life of others. Many quantum physicists have become spiritual because they used their highly focused logical mind to pierce into the mysteries of the quantum world and discovered a logic there that they just could not explain otherwise.

This is truly the level when you start to look deeply into the mysteries of existence and pierce the veil of illusion instead of just living in it. You can analyse with great clarity the inner clockworks of your own psyche, and by extension, other people’s psyche becomes clearer to you. However, your perception is still very trapped in the illusion of linear cause and effect at this level, and the focus is on the content while the context of everything remains elusive and in the background. This starts to change when you enter into the LOC 500’s and beyond.

Occupants and examples of LOC

While the LOC 400’s is the level of excellence within all worldly fields like science, arts, philosophy and leadership, it is just the very beginning of true spiritual knowledge. A lot of famous people that helped drive history forward have occupied the LOC 400’s, but also a lot of “normal” people exist here. They usually stick out from the crowd in a positive way, and has a calm aura of confidence and security about them.

People at these levels are excellent hires for any company, and many of them are also natural leaders that people would thrive under and want to do good work for. They give a lot more than they take, they have patience and understanding, and they are extremely attentive to detail. They also have natural authority and seek to build others up instead of seeing others as “competition”. Good, solid and strong is the best way to characterize people in general that occupy the LOC 400’s.

Real world examples:

Public people:




Obstacles and progression from LOC 400 – 499

A “bottleneck” exists at the higher end of this level because the intellect has a hard time giving up its dominance and surrender into the “unknown” of the LOC 500’s. The lesson to be learned here is that evermore intellectual understanding of the highest levels really does very little to increase your LOC/LOM/LOI. In fact, it’s just making you chase your own tail and go around in circles instead of breaking through into the dimension of Love in the 500’s.

It’s almost as hard to transcend this level as it is to breach the LOC 200 threshold because the “cage/cocoon” of the ego/personality at this level feels so safe, strong, and confident. You are on top of the material world at this level, and breaking open to surrender into Love will seemingly make you vulnerable again. Seeking the help of a high level spiritual teacher is highly recommended at this stage if you want to break into LOC 500’s and beyond.

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