Courage and Empowerment LOC 200 – 249

Level 200 is the first level of empowerment where a positive life view comes into the field of possibility. Below 200 the life view is always dominated by different forms of negativity and hopelessness, so breaching the 200 threshold feels like a great achievement and relief for those who have been trapped in the lower levels. You’ve taken back the power and control of your life, and you no longer feel like a victim.

It takes courage to face the 200 barrier as all the sub 200 negative beliefs will intensify their efforts to hold you back immensely as you get closer to the threshold. It might literally feel like you’re going insane as you breaches the 200 threshold because of the intensity of the negative ego using all its tricks to scare you and hold you back. When you break through it will give you a boost of confidence and it’s important to keep going and ride this wave as you continue up the scale and never look back.

Simply put, everything above LOC 200 is a positive influence while everything below LOC 200 is a negative influence. This does not mean that you cannot use a negative influence to create a positive outcome for yourself, for example by learning lessons. It just means that anything below LOC 200 is detrimental to life, while anything above LOC 200 is progressively life-empowering up the scale. The courage and empowerment that comes with this level makes people more immune to the lure of the negative influences from the sub 200 levels.

This being said, you can still feel the pull of the whirlpool in the lower LOC 200’s, so this is no place to rest for too long or stop to take a break. The spiritual seeker is best advised to use the momentum of the breakthrough to carry on climbing upwards and don’t look back. It’s still possible to slip back into old habits and patterns at this level, and it’s important to not be overconfident because of the boost in power you will feel in the beginning.

Experience and worldview of LOC 200 – 249

At this level people are no longer a drain on society and other people, as they are no longer being drained of energy inside themselves to the degree that happens below LOC 200. You now have the confidence to meet challenges head on, to grow and learn new skills and new perspectives, and to face “inner demons” as they arise. The hopelessness and victim mentality from the sub 200 levels is gone, and you will now feel boosted and ready to welcome life, both good and bad, as you have an inner knowing that you will be able to handle it.

Occupants and examples of LOC 200 – 249

The average level of humanity is, at this point in time (august 2016), LOC 230. The lower 200’s is therefore what you might call normal people or average people living average lives without severe problems or issues like you find in the sub 200 levels. At this level people are usually educated to various degrees and hold regular jobs. People native to LOC 200 – 249 are still functioning mostly from the 3 lower chakras only, but they are more balanced and sound than people native to the sub 200 levels.

True inner conscience and independence is not really developed here, so people at these levels typically internalize whatever is the norm of the society they grow up in and identify with being part of the “herd” of that group/city/nation etc. without questioning the fundamentals of anything. People at this level function from a dualistic state of mind dependent on outcomes. If something “bad” happens it is seen as tragic, and not as an opportunity for growth or learning. Success equals following the norm, having a regular job and raising a family.

Real world examples:

Public people:




Obstacles and progression from LOC 200 – 249

If you’re born at a higher level (like the 300’s where most people that are into spiritual growth are born) it will be relatively easy to ride on the momentum of the LOC 200 breakthrough, and surf into the higher levels. All you need to do is keep monitoring yourself internally and act on whatever option you have in life that contains the highest level of excitement without getting attached to outcomes. This means that you do things just because it excites you, and not because of what it might bring you in the future. Live like that from day to day, and you will keep moving up the scale in record speed.

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