Anger, Hate and Pride LOC 150 – 199

Simmering with repressed and chronic anger or strutting with swollen pride is for many people a coping mechanism to keep the lower levels at bay. Anger can be a great motivator for change, but the downsides are many and dangerous.

Anger is a very powerful and eruptive energy. It can simmer right below the surface for months and even years before it suddenly erupts and takes even the person expressing it by surprise. It leaks out in all sorts of subtle and less subtle ways during everyday events, and it is very contagious and inflammable at these levels. In fact, anger has a reach far up the scale, and it takes a very conscious being to avoid matching the vibration of anger if it’s directed directly at you.

At these levels the egoic mind is kind of like an inflamed and swollen blister. It does not take much a perceived slight to be triggered rather severely at these levels. While the lower levels are characterized by lack of life force and energy, the level of anger has an excess of energy that burns up and is wasted as rigid and lasting resistance to life. Along the way new “injustices” are collected and added as fuel to the fire, and new perceived causes and justifications for the anger will always present themselves.

If the angry ego is like a red, inflamed blister, the prideful ego can be likened to a blister that has somewhat healed. However, it’s still swollen and sensitive, and it does not take all that much for it to break open and spew its nasty puss. Abuser ego’s at this level will usually dominate the household and keep victim egos (children and spouse) “hostages” with it’s terrible moods and tantrums. Violence is always in the air around such a person, both physical and verbal. The victim ego will usually be at the mercy of an angry abuser ego, and will often express passive aggressiveness as the only form of expressed anger, while the rest the repressed anger is directed inward towards the self.

Experience and worldview of LOC 150 – 199

The chronically angry and/or prideful person has a lot of anger repressed which leaks out and dominates the person’s looks, demeanor, tone of voice, gestures, choice of words, way of speaking, body language and not least; world view. The anger is always simmering right below the surface even when the person is “nice” it is clearly visible if you have eyes to see. Physically, it can often be noticed as reddish tint on the neck and face area.

The angry person has a hateful view of the world and others. More or less everything is seen as a source of irritation, and the blame is always put on the outside “source” as the “cause” of the anger. Being prideful is a very weak position because it cannot stand on its own. It will always be dependent upon some achievement or outside source that makes the person feel good about him/her self in the form of “pride”. It can be a job, a trophy partner, a bank salary, a vip status, a car or just about anything that others might “envy”, but if the source of the pride is suddenly taken away the ego will “fall” into anger or even deeper than that.

Occupants and examples of LOC 150 – 199

Abuser ego: Rageaholics, domestic abusers, tyrannical partners, period drinkers, hooligans, brawlers, bullies, steroid freaks, casual drug abusers (speed, cocaine etc), habitual criminals, violent criminals.

Victim ego: victims of tyrannical partners and domestic abusers, eating disorder sufferers, self-harmers, self-destructive and borderline people.

At this level you will also find rough “working class” kind of people that have learned to somewhat manage their repressed anger or channel it into something socially acceptable like football and pub culture. In the upper end you will also find people obsessed with social status, “show-offs” and “posers” obsessed with image.

Real world examples:

Public people: Mike Tyson at his peak LOC 160.

Movies: Fight Club (1999) LOC 170.

Music: Avarage LOC of all of rapper Xzibit’s albums is LOC 160.

Books: Stephen King (aka Richard Bachman) Rage (1977) LOC 150.

**Please note that reading a book or watching a movie (or even sporadically using substances) at a low LOC does not mean you will automatically be dragged down to that level. The core influence of the person, book, movie, music or substance is what is reflected in the LOC. The more you use it, and identify with it, the more you will be influenced. The higher your personal LOC, the greater is your resistance to the negative influence.

Obstacles and progression from LOC 150 – 199

The progress from this level and actually breach the threshold level of 200 is a major step in development. For a person born higher and being caught up in this level it will will like a great relief when you finally get your head above water again, so to speak. You have planted your roots firmly in hell, and now finally the seedling is sprouting up from the dark soil, through the asphalt, and into the light of day.

It’s best to channel the repressed anger and release it in controlled forms through physical exercises, workout or other activities that are not harmful or dangerous. Avoid venting on people around you, even if you have realised how abusive they are, and instead play it smart by acting in favor of your higher destiny. Don’t engage in a meaningless battle that will only drag you down, and instead just move on.

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