Acceptance and Forgiveness of the Heart LOC 350 – 399

At this level you have finally tipped the scales where your mind (including the unconscious and the sub-conscious mind) has reached a density that is a little more positive than negative. Instead of “fighting an uphill battle” life is now perceived to support you in ever-greater ways through synchronicities that opens up new possibilities for you, sometimes in seemingly miraculous ways.

This is the first level where the Heart really starts to open and becomes the guiding principle in your life. Your inner space has been cleared from a lot of clutter, confusion and negativity, and now the whispering influence from your inner guidance of the Heart finally has enough silence to be distinguished from the noise.

This is an important breakthrough on the path, as you are now in touch with your inner guidance system (true conscience) and breaking free from “the norm” of society (indoctrinated and internalized morality). This breaking free from the norm and “morality” of society tends to result in many “interesting” expressions, some more colorful than others. This is therefore the level where people can make sudden and drastic changes in their lives that comes as a complete surprise to the people around them.

Experience and worldview of LOC 350 – 399

As it is realized that the source of confidence and happiness is not based on external things, but rather stems from inner freedom, flexibility and connection, it creates a paradigm shift in people at this level. The “out there” is losing a lot of its power to affect your inner happiness and confidence at this level, and this feels like an enormous relief.

People at LOC 350 – 399 usually has a calling to be of some kind of service to humanity. They feel so free and good inside that they naturally want to spread it and share it. Many will be interested in different kind of self-help and self-empowerment material, and the whole spiritual/alternative scene is appealing at this level. People here are inclusive, open, and non-judgemental within certain limits. The level is thus characterized by enthusiastic open-mindedness, but it lacks the true discernment and wisdom of the higher levels.

Occupants and examples of LOC 350 – 399

People at these levels are not interested in conflicts, but rather seeks to widen the perspective to allow the bigger picture to resolve things. The “in-the-moment” short term “goals” of the lower levels are now replaced by long term goals of spiritual growth or building a business or career. At this level you will typically find creative people of all kinds. Artists, actors, writers, authors, self-help gurus, alternative health people, spiritual new age people, etc.

What they have in common is that they are not really following the “norm” as strictly as people in LOC 200’s are. There is more colorful individuality and expressions going on here. People want to be self-realized either through spiritual growth or through self made careers, or a combination of both. Non-spiritual people at this level will typically be very positive, open-minded and enthusiastic with successful lives and careers.

Real world examples:

Public people:




Obstacles and progression from LOC 350 – 399

A common obstacle at these levels is wanting to “save” people at lower levels out of pity for their “poor condition”. As the heart opens you can be overwhelmed by compassion to the point where it blinds you. It’s easy to get stuck in a bad relationship as a crutch for a “hopeless case” when the naive innocence of the opening Heart is allowed to run free. Realize that you are still a “spiritual baby” at this point, and your focus should be mainly on moving yourself further up the scale, and not get stuck on “pity cases” that will only hold you back or drag you down.

Quite frankly, you lack the wisdom and discernment to really help anyone at this level, and you cannot really help anyone when you are attached and feel “sorry” for them, anyway. Don’t get caught up in the “savior syndrome” of the spiritual ego, and don’t think it’s your job to save anyone but yourself. You can still serve others by being an example and doing good and helping if the situation calls for it, but it must come from a pure and detached space, and not from “pity” as that is a sure sign of personal attachment. Also, do not waste too much energy “convincing” or “saving” unwilling and uninterested family members. This advice might sound a bit harsh, but in the end it will save you a lot of time, effort and pain.

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