Peaceful Mirror of NOW: Overcoming Challenges

When you pause for a moment, be still, and look at the mirror of NOW. Allowing all your thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies to be exactly as they are, you fall into the Present Moment. You can stop any internal conflict by slowing down and allowing it to be here, without fueling or drowning into it. This way everything can be transcended and the underlying peace becomes always evident. Mindo explains and guides of how this alchemy takes place in this Present Moment.

We have all kinds of assumptions by conditioning. When we soften those assumptions, when we look deeply from which position we are experiencing, and who is the experiencer – we open deeper within.

Your brain has a Quantum capacity to process the current experience fully. Your current experience includes this environment, your body and mind. You are Aware of all already. The greatest limitation is your focus and attention, because it uses only a very small part of the brain capacity to process the Real-Time NOW. In the current society everyone is taught to use much less of the brain capacity. If you learn to use it better, you can re-open and live the Highest Potential of yourself!

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