Seeing Present Moment in Full Consciousness

  • 28th January 2020

Master Mindo guides us step by step and deeper into the Present Moment.
First feel your entire experience. Where does your experience take place? In the space of Now. This is the context, this is called Being. Who is aware of that? Awareness is aware. See the Awareness of your experience. That is the open Full Consciousness.

  • 7th January 2020

Consciousness is not necessarily about the strength of Energy. The invitation is to remember the softness, to softy melt into the NOW. This can provide a beautiful opportunity of expansion. With softness the energies settle down, the mind comes to stillness and boundless awareness opens up.

  • 1st January 2020

The Great Way of Living is to always focus on a Higher vibration. It is to learn to respond wisely to each moment of Now. The cycles of life are here to uplift you in consciousness. You also need to give time to yourself to heal with Love, and to integrate into the new you.

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