Stepping into Non Duality – The Spiritual Maturity

  • 28th February 2017

Leaving the Duality means leaving the White and Black and stepping into the Wholeness which is beyond the energies of Ying and Yang. In Non-Duality we can perceive the whole picture, seeing through the dual nature of reality.

  • 23rd February 2017

Mindo explains about 3 popular spiritual practices of Tantra, Shamanism and Self-Inquiry and how they develop Consciousness, Mind and Integration.

  • 18th February 2017

It is very common to have spiritual enlightenment experiences in 500s or 600s during meditation and other spiritual practices, but they are usually temporary and go away after some period of time. Enlightenment consciousness however is permanent and does not go away. Once enlightenment is attained at 700s or above, it becomes a normal way of being even without meditation or other spiritual practices.

  • 14th February 2017

Humanity and the planet has been in an Ascension process for many years already. We are in the middle of a rapid acceleration that over the next 4 years will bring the level of Mass Consciousness into the realm of Unconditional Love. After an integration period of about 5 years there will be a new massive period of acceleration that will catapult humanity as a whole towards the very top of the scale.

  • 10th February 2017

Experiencing a traumatic event can temporarily lower the consciousness and in some cases for years, but that can serve as a springboard into a spiritual growth where the soul recognizes a need for change and to find a deeper meaning of life.

  • 8th February 2017

Mindo is speaking on Self-Inquiry as a method to reaching pure Consciousness and stabilizing in it. By negating of who you are Not, you come to your True Self, to a point of realization of the absolute Self.

  • 1st February 2017

One of the key differences of the Spiritual Teachers and ordinary people is that the Spiritual Teachers have their Third Eye and Crown Chakras very open. That allows for the Universal Wisdom to flow through. The most important Chakras for the Masters are the Heart, Throat, the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and they should be at least 60% wide open. Most of the people have these energy centers open only 5-10-20 in some cases 30%.

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