The unchanging reality of Now is the background of your experience. Mindo invites you to recognize and rest in stillness and silence where everything happens. That is the boundless consciousness of Now.

The Now is where everything appears and disappears, arises and ceases. The whole universe is happening in the Now, the ground of all happenings. The search is what takes you on a journey, outward or inward looking for happiness, love, peace, etc. But the Now is not a future goal, it is right here. Recognizing and being in the Now fully and boundlessly is Enlightenment.

You are a master of being in the past or future, but the present moment, the consciousness of Now is always better than anything in time. When you dis-identify from experience, and see that you are already Aware of everything that is happening, you allow this present moment to reveal itself and become aware of the Self, God, Consciousness.

When you pause for a moment, be still, and look at the mirror of NOW. Allowing all your thoughts, feelings, emotions and energies to be exactly as they are, you fall into the Present Moment. You can stop any internal conflict by slowing down and allowing it to be here, without fueling or drowning into it. This way everything can be transcended and the underlying peace becomes always evident. Mindo explains and guides of how this alchemy takes place in this Present Moment.

We have all kinds of assumptions by conditioning. When we soften those assumptions, when we look deeply from which position we are experiencing, and who is the experiencer – we open deeper within.

Your brain has a Quantum capacity to process the current experience fully. Your current experience includes this environment, your body and mind. You are Aware of all already. The greatest limitation is your focus and attention, because it uses only a very small part of the brain capacity to process the Real-Time NOW. In the current society everyone is taught to use much less of the brain capacity. If you learn to use it better, you can re-open and live the Highest Potential of yourself!

Amrita Nadi is the Seat of Consciousness and a Channel of Bliss. It is located in the Heart on the Right. Ego is a blockage of this Heart on the Right and thus a sense of I-ness arises and takes over the Boundless Consciousness into a seemingly self contracted identity, thus creating all the suffering experienced. However there is a way to unblock that I-ness and restore Amrita Nadi back into the Boundless Freedom of Consciousness!

Master Mindo guides us step by step and deeper into the Present Moment.
First feel your entire experience. Where does your experience take place? In the space of Now. This is the context, this is called Being. Who is aware of that? Awareness is aware. See the Awareness of your experience. That is the open Full Consciousness.

Consciousness is not necessarily about the strength of Energy. The invitation is to remember the softness, to softy melt into the NOW. This can provide a beautiful opportunity of expansion. With softness the energies settle down, the mind comes to stillness and boundless awareness opens up.

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